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Invitation to projects

  Agios Antonios Church
Agios Antonios Church
The RuraLEARN campaign aims in particular to disseminate widely the experiences and outcomes of projects that have been funded by the European Union, mostly in the framework of the Socrates programme, and which have produced new knowledge and innovative ideas in relation to the potential of lifelong learning for rural and geographically disadvantaged areas.

Coordinators and/or partners in projects which bear some direct relevance with the topics of RuraLEARN, or which indeed could be of indirect interest to learners, teachers, policy makers, etc. in rural areas, are warmly welcome to present their experiences and outcomes. The international conference, the practical workshops, the exhibition and fair, the competition, all of them, and each of them in a distinguished way, present excellent opportunities for the dissemination and valorisation of your project outcomes.

This invitation is addressed widely to projects and initiatives in Europe and beyond, including also those that have been funded from other (i.e. non-EU) public or private sources.

European Commission - Socrates Programme

RuraLEARN is co-funded by the European Commission, as an Accompanying Measure
of the Socrates Programme